FRONTIER:    The extreme limit or wilderness at the edge of a settled area, yet to be explored

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We are an adventure travel agency offering custom adventures in the Adriatic region


Quick facts about us

Our focus is on customized adventures

so we can ensure pristine experience

Our adventures are based on local knowledge

so we can ensure unique safe and fun holiday experience

Our skippers & guides are hand-picked local professionals

so we can ensure maximum customer satisfaction

Our playground

Frontier Adriatic comprises of the six countries surrounding the Adriatic Sea:

Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania

Our playground is a unique place where mountains meet the sea and we are exploiting and discovering all of its beauties. With its emerald waters surrounding more than 1300 islands, numerous beaches, coves, caves and cliffs, this place is just paradise calling for pristine adventure.

Adriatic sea

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It’s time to explore this hidden part of the world where exquisite beaches make a rendezvous with far reaching mountains and travel veterans chase their footprints in the unexplored pristine nature....

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